Terminalia Bellirica – K’sirs Tree Talk

Terminalia bellirica is a large deciduous tree which is additionally referred to  as baheda, bahera,

Ananya J Ananya J 2 Min Read

Avian Adventure (final part)

It’s goodbye to our dear owl Tweety, which is how the students call it, has

press press 5 Min Read
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War artists

On hearing the word "war," we immediately picture two opposite sides clashing with each other,

Janani H Janani H 3 Min Read

Ode to the long-last love

He showed up in her dreams, Dreams that brought in tears. He said, "I've left

Nidhana Ranjith Nidhana Ranjith 1 Min Read

Simarouba Glauca – K’sirs Tree talk

 Simarouba Glauca is an evergreen flowering tree native to South America and the Caribbean. It

Anuska Das Anuska Das 2 Min Read


Bumblebees, also known as "humble bees", are any of the 250 species of bees that

Nithila Rajasekar Nithila Rajasekar 4 Min Read

Artocarpus Altilis – K’sirs Tree Talk

"Hey! Look at those tiny jackfruits!" "No, they are not jackfruits. They are breadfruits." "Are

Shivani A C Shivani A C 6 Min Read

Asian Koel

Asian Koel is a large and long tailed cuckoo about 39 to 46 cm and

Neha Thiyagu Neha Thiyagu 2 Min Read

The Kurumbas tribe

The Kurumbas of the Nilgiri Hills are a tribe of indigenous people. They are also

Sanila Rajasekar Sanila Rajasekar 2 Min Read

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Finding Our Way Home

( Is there a place where we’ll belong or will we always be on the move? )Homo sapiens have been

Sangamithra Shankar Sangamithra Shankar 7 Min Read

Avian Adventure (final part)

It’s goodbye to our dear owl Tweety, which is how the students call it, has now gotten bigger and looks

press press 5 Min Read

Red-vented Bulbul

The Red-vented Bulbul, செங்குதக் கொண்டைக்குருவி also known as Pycnonotus cafer, is a medium-sized passerine songbird. They can be easily recognized

Kavya K Kavya K 2 Min Read

Avian Adventure

(One fine day) It was a regular day in K’sirs when two baby owlets were found in the campus. They

press press 2 Min Read

Your Fast Food Can Be Your Last Food

There are many reasons most Americans consume mounds of fast food. It’s very easy to obtain—they can just pick up

Karishma D Karishma D 2 Min Read

Calophyllum inophyllum – Ksirs Tree Talk

Running, climbing, jumping, crawling, or balancing trying to test our speed, endurance and agility through our obstacle course session gets

Mrinalini Zenobia Mrinalini Zenobia 2 Min Read

Pongamia Pinnata – K’sirs Tree Talk

Pongamia pinnata, commonly known as Indian beech or “Pungai maram” in Tamil, is native to the regions of tropical Asia

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