Name of Nature

Creepers hugged the trees Pollens sucked by bees Butterflies frittered from flower to flower Amidst the trees that tower Creepers were in full bloom Your face will never gloom Words are scarce to express its beauty To care for it is our duty Polluting it could put an end to it You better be aware. -by Kavya & Aashni (Grade

press press August 22, 2022

Is it normal to feel demotivated when you’re anxious?

I’m no stranger to anxiety and how it can affect our mental health. Relatively speaking, I haven’t directly suffered from anxiety...

Meenakshi Meenakshi August 22, 2022

The Mystical Owls of K’sirs ft. a Barn Owl Visitor

Owls have made frequent appearances at K’sirs. I recall my first encounter with an owl — or rather, two young Indian Eagle Owls — back in 2018. The two owlets were not more than a few months old when I caught sight of them perched on a tree branch outside my classroom window. They looked frail and vulnerable. After realising

Shivani A C Shivani A C March 13, 2023
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War artists

On hearing the word "war," we immediately picture two opposite sides clashing

Janani H Janani H March 29, 2023

Why do we celebrate Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday as Teacher’s day?

Teachers' day is a day that we celebrate to show our respect

Nipun Karthikeyan Nipun Karthikeyan November 23, 2022

The Kurumbas tribe

The Kurumbas of the Nilgiri Hills are a tribe of indigenous people.

Sanila Rajasekar Sanila Rajasekar February 14, 2023

Your Fast Food Can Be Your Last Food

There are many reasons most Americans consume mounds of fast food. It’s

Karishma D Karishma D February 22, 2023

Avian Adventure (final part)

It’s goodbye to our dear owl Tweety, which is how the students

press press March 11, 2023

Are you the bully or the bullied?

Living in constant fear of someone insulting, embarrassing, or taunting you doesn't

Shriya Prasad Shriya Prasad August 22, 2022

Red-vented Bulbul

The Red-vented Bulbul, செங்குதக் கொண்டைக்குருவி also known as Pycnonotus cafer, is a

Kavya K Kavya K March 20, 2023

Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

There I was standing, Majestically tall and proud, Like the oak I

Anicham Pugal Anicham Pugal March 7, 2023

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